Internet is an endless amount of words. The truth is that processing text is not an inherent function of the human brain, but processing images is. The second action takes place much faster than the first one, and that is why picture is superior over text, and you should use its power on your blog.

The Power of Visual Elements on Your Blog

A study done by BlogPros found that in 100 of the top ranking blogs on the web, there was at least one picture published for every 350 words. Not only is the presence of the image important, but the same goes for its position, quality and how it coexists with your text. It is inevitable to use visual elements if you want your blog to be successful.

Let us see how you should use them and what will that bring you.

The Picture Creates a Bond
One of the most important things in blogging is to create a connection between the blogger and the reader. Though an interesting text is crucial for making the visitors come back to your page, an image will be what attracts them in the first place.
The use of pictures will individualize the posts and help readers get mentally affiliated to your blog. It will also contribute to creating mental notes and memories on what they have read.
Creating Your Own Visual Identity
Your content is filled with your opinions, advice and comments. Still, to make a better impact, you should create your own visual identity reflected in a cohesive and constant way of positioning the images, the quality and the overall style. This will make you recognizable and original. People will connect a certain style with you. Some bloggers love using collages, others bird-eye perspective or close-ups.
The Power of Visual Elements on Your Blog

When the readers are scrolling down through your posts, they will recognize specific posts based on images. Some fashion post will, perhaps, remain memorized for college, while some other, more intimate posts, will be remembered by excellent birthday images.

Images as a Navigation Tool
Visual elements can be used as a tool for navigation through the blog, especially for first-time visitors. They are suggesting where to stop, what to read and even what to skip. They can also be the reader’s tool for navigating through a single post. They should separate large blocks of text so the very communication with the readers is clear and accurate. They will remember certain paragraph based on the image and come back to it if needed. As mentioned on the beginning, it is recommended to place an image on every 350 words.
Pictures Are Engaging
A research study by the University of Minnesota and the 3M Corporation found that content with more than 43 percent of visual elements is more effective in convincing the readers to agree with the writer’s point of view. Pictures are affecting people’s emotions and trigger reactions. Images can make people feel excited, happy, sad, annoyed; on the other hand they can challenge and cause curiosity.
The Power of Visual Elements on Your Blog

And blogging is definitely, partially, an art of persuasion. After all, you are trying to compel people to take a certain viewpoint, click a button, participate in a survey, etc.

The Importance of Quality and Position
Not only is the quantity of pictures important, but their quality to and their position in the text, as well. Overall visual design is the number one criteria for discerning the credibility of a presentation, claim people from Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab.
Positioning of the images also attracts the visitor to a certain post. A study showed that people are more likely to read a text that has an inline image to the right or left side of the leading paragraph.
Finding the Images
If you have the option to take your own pictures, please do. This will add to your credibility and originality. Jakob Nielsen’ study pointed out that images of real people are one of the most engaging forms of web content.
If you are forced to (or prefer to) download your images from the web, use some of the websites offering free or affordable pictures for internet usage. You also have sites that are providing graphics, backgrounds or textures. Make sure you are not violating someone’s copyright by downloading a certain image.
The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” exists for a reason. It is what all the memories are made of, and you want your blog to be remembered, right?
This article has been kindly contributed by Sophia Smith. She is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in beauty, fashion, graphic design and photography. Sophia could be described as beauty addict and life lover. She writes in mostly beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Smith is regular contributor at High Style Life on topics related to beauty and lifestyle. Find her on: FacebookTwitterGoogle +

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