Today we look at the basics, how to write a good article. But before that, let’s define an Article. An article is a well-written, original and comprehensive summary of a topic, including reliable references and links. Consequently, article writing is among the most effective ways of promoting products and services online. Such prominence has seen an influx of articles from different writers to online article directories, blogs and personal websites.

As you read this article, other site-owners are adding fresh contents to remain relevant and maintain an online visibility. However, not all articles and websites receive this much-needed attention. You might be wondering why your article has not ‘seen the light’ since you posted it some months ago. Well, the reason may be due to disparities in online rankings based on articles’ quality as opposed to their quantity.For instance, independent reviews and search engines results will give a lower rating for spun articles compared to unique contents. To get higher ratings therefore, writers need to know the characteristics of a good article and the most effective ways of online content promotion.

A Good Article The 4 Main Ingredients Of Well-written Article

4 Qualities of a Good Article

To ensure your published work is top-notch, here are the important components you should be mindful of:
  • Original – Even though you know that content is king, there is still that urge to spun or plagiarize contents. My advice on this is to be original and bring a unique angle to the topic. It is advisable that you write on a topic you understand, as this will allow originality and flow of ideas throughout the article.
  • Great Title – Take your time to come up with a title especially if you are writing on a trending topic. You are to carefully coin a relevant and catchy title for the article(s) to draw traffic to it once it is published. The use of Keywords in a title, which is one of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is another way to ensure online visibility.
  • Relevance – Another feature of a good article is the relevance to the title. It is never enough to have captivating titles when the content is irrelevant.
  • Factual and Current – Unless it is fictitious or creative writing, the article should be factual and up-to-date to provide commendable information. Since readers’ recommendation is a very effective article promotion method, writers should be as informative and current as possible.

How to promote an Article

As long as the article’s quality is not wanting, one should focus on how to promote it. Here is how:
  • Share article via email or submit them as news feed on prominent websites.
  • Submit to Article Directories Such as EzineArticles, GoArticle among others
  • Make a small YouTube video and link it to the articl’s Url
  • Bookmark it on social sites like Digg, Delicious, Diigo, Reddit and StumbleUpon and Tumblr
  • Share on unique social sites like Design Float, Web Blend  and Design Bump if your article is about graphic Design. You may also use t
  • Share on Triberr to get readers and a very targeted Audience
  • Create Missions at Empire Avenue to get other social media enthusiasts to share your content for free
  • Promote article on the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest for  better results.

About Facebook, Google+  and Twitter

Using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to promote your article attracts more viewers than other social networks due to the readily available traffic. For instance, Facebook and Twitter have over five hundred million active users, as Google remains among the most visited websites. Another advantage is the ease of promoting an article on these sites.
To promote an article on Facebook, one needs to identify a popular but relevant fan-page to post the article on. Most of the fan pages allow posts as long as one likes the page. The article will then be seen on the timelines of all the subscribers on that fan page, which might run into hundreds of thousands. Still on Facebook, one can use the Facebook Buttons on their blogs to share the article’s link with friends.Google Plus platform works in a similar way as Facebook and as effective.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have fan-pages. However, the use of promoted tweets, retweets or posting tweets with backlinks to a site or blog will attract traffic and improve the article’s online visibility and PageRank. Twitter is more advantageous if one has a huge following.


As easy as this may sound, you only need to concentrate on quality and you are sure your contents will get readers and even earn you money.

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