Company In Brief

Who We Are

We are a full Digital Marketing Company (started in 2015) based in Nairobi, Kenya 

What We Do

We design Websites/Apps, write content,
implement SEO and branding on Social Media

Our Clients

Individuals, institutions, companies, and non-profits in need of full-service digital marketing

Hello and Welcome to Karabach Media. We are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya. Our sole focus is to help your business get noticed online and make intended sales. This we achieve through bespoke Websites, Search Engine Optimization that actually ranks, Content Marketing that converts, and Social Media Marketing Services that brands. We’ll show you how to start small now and scale later

Samson OgolaFounder


What Drives Us


We don’t believe in hidden fees, secret schemes, or last minute changes. What you see is what you get


Your marketing goals are just as important to us as they are to you. Trust us to honor our business deals 


No single person/group has monopolies of ideas.
And so we engage our clients to arrive at the best result


We understand that time is everything and service delayed is service denied. Expect us to deliver.


We are always researching and experimenting with ways to deliver even better results for our clients


To achieve our vision of being the best in Africa and meet our deadlines, we must work extra hard

More About Us?

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