What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is simply spreading information about a company, its services or products. It can also mean selling of products and conducting research about clients (especially on their needs, preferences and the demographics).

The said processes are done online with the aim of getting returns/profit. To succeed as a marketer on this platform you need to know some basics. For instance, understanding the various means of online product promotion as well as the components of internet marketing is necessary.

Main Components of Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing – use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Pinterest that offer a platform for engaging clients through real-time conversation e.g. chats. You should create powerful fan pages on Facebook and Google+ with all the relevant information about your products and services. You should also post pictures and link the page to all your sites, forums or blogs. Fortunately, the networks provide online marketers with ready readers for their articles, blogs and press releases as well as viewers for their products’ pictures.
  • Article Marketing – writing about your products and submitting the article(s) to online directories to create links to your website. The use of natural backlinks is more effective than paid links exchange programs, as readers mostly click and share naturally placed links. This ultimately draws more traffic to the said site, which may lead to increased sales.

Qualities of a successful Internet Marketer

Just like traditional marketing, there are specific qualities that you must possess to succeed in this field. While it might not be possible to inculcate some of these qualities within a short time, dynamism and open mindedness ensures you have them in the end. You should therefore be:

  • Focused – set specific goals and achieve them. You should only move to the next goal when through with the first one.
  • Smart and Creative – invent new ideas and organize your tasks in terms of priorities. Only use strategies with tangible results.
  • A quick learner – Never use old marketing methods, instead learn from others. Never be shy to ask or copy best marketing practices from others.
  • Genuine – do not exaggerate your products and services, instead be honest and only give the relevant and reliable information to your clients.
  • Competitive– identifies successful marketers and competes with them constructively. Never compare yourself with failures, as this does not encourage growth and innovation.
  • An excellent problem solver– quickly identify problems in your marketing strategies and do the necessary changes fasts. In short, be a fluent analyst.
  • Disciplined – avoid procrastination and always reach your daily targets even without supervision. It is impossible to succeed as an online marketer without self discipline,.
  • Determined– never give up even if a formula did not work. Instead, revise your strategies always and give priority to effective promotional modes. Never quit.

Benefits of Online Marketing

With the above attributes, you can always enjoy the benefits of internet marketing. First, it is cheaper and provides reliable statistics. For instance, one can know the effectiveness of an ad they placed online by looking at the number of views, unlike the newspaper where it is almost impossible to determine an ad’s impact.

It is also easier to build a online brands not to mention the ability to get instant feedback from customers. Products also enjoy long-term exposure at a very low-cost. You can also reach hundreds of people in a day and sell products or services conveniently. Bottom-line, you can excel as an internet market if you are ready to learn, diligent, industrious and never giving up.

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