The fact that you are reading this post means you run some business and in need of a business website. If you already have a professional website for your business, this post will confirm you made the right move. In case you don’t have a website yet, this post will explain why you need one now.

First things first, what is a website and how many types of business websites are there? Well…

A site or website is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by visiting the home page of the website using a browser

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Different Types of Business Websites

There are various types of business websites out there. To get the most out of your online presence, you must settle on website type that will support your business best.

E-commerce Website: As the name suggests, this is a website that enables you to sell products online. Examples of e-commerce sites include Amazon, Jumia, Masoko, Kilimall etc.

An e-commerce site is the right choice if you intend to sell a product or several products. For instance, hile Kilimall sells almost anything save for cars :), Magic Bullet is all about a sinlge duct. E-commerce is that flexible

The Support Website: Primarily offers support for products…mostly tech companies. A good Example of support website would be Easy Selfservice by GOtv. would Do you sell products that require regular software updates, need tutorials or online guides through chats? Well, you need a support website.

Branding Website: This is the most popular type of business websites. A branding site aims at familiarizing the audience with the product(s), services and the business name. It, therefore, has details about the company/organization(from history, products, services, objective, achievements and what sets them apart).

A good branding site should drive visitors towards buying your products or services or solidify your brand image. Examples of branding sites include Ford and JayVentures example of a branding website is

Publishing Website: This is what a dynamic website is; with regular fresh content. A publishing website is what you launch if your business is about sharing regular updates about a subject are an expert in. Whether niche specific (e.g. healthline) or topical (Tuko) a publishing website depend on advertisements for revenue.

Publishing websites are sometimes called blogs.

Lead Generation Website: Also known as landing pages, the idea is to turn page visitors into clients. A lead generation site does away with all distractions (e.g navigations) so that you can focus on converting visitors into buyers or creating a deeper relationship with them.

Why A Business Website

Now that you know what a website is and the different types there are, let’s see why you need one. Just so you know, 2018 saw over 5bn dollars transacted online. The internet is therefore a huge ready market for your product and services.

6 out of 10 consumers expect you to provide details about your products and services online. The very impatient digital-savvy customers will look elsewhere if you have no online content for them.

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There are dozens of why a business needs a professional website. However, we’ll look into the 7 most compelling reasons for creating a site today.

1. Easily Share Product Info

A website is the easiest way to share info about your products with everyone who’s looking. But what if you are already sharing your products on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Well, not everyone with access to the internet is on social media.

But even if everyone you target is on Facebook, for instance, you can only share as much. Those selling adult products, for example, cannot promote them via Facebook.

You need a website to reach everyone with the details about your product/services. A site remains the most flexible option for businesses to share about flash sales, change of business hour or new arrivals.

2. Ready Customers

What would you do if you knew thousands are searching online for what you sell (e.g. Men’s Khaki trousers)? I bet you’d make your products available online.

There is a ready market for your products, all it takes is a fully optimized website. With proper Search Engine Optimization, you can turn hundreds/thousands of prospective clients into loyal customers. Why miss on sales leads when a simple business website is all you need?

3. Build Credibility

8 out of 10 online consumers believe businesses with websites are more credible than those limited to social media profiles. Chances are that the person viewing your add on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube expects a link to the website for more details. Image how they feel when they realize you thought that social media ad was enough?

What about branding? Is social media flexible enough in terms of the technology and design you need to create a strong brand? You guessed right; social media is not as flexible. A website, on the other hand, affords you the flexibility you need to come up with a strong brand. And yes, strong brands sell more.

4. Competitive Advantage

Picture this, you are into event planning and catering but without a website and a not so visible social media presence. Another in the same business has a professionally done website and a well run social media campaign. Who do you think will get more customers?

The modern consumers is interested in online reviews and as much info about your services as they can get. They no longer just buy, they research. That’s why having a strong online presence will give you an edge over the competition.

You need a website to level the playing ground in case your competitor has a website already.

5. More Control

Take a case where Youtube updates its policy and bans certain videos. What if Facebook algorithms change and traffic to certain updates and pages go plummet? The point is, you have no say no control at all. All you can do is agree to the changes and watch your business die.

With a website, however, you answer to no one. You can share what you want whenever and whatever format you chose. A website also gives you control over how long your update stays on. An ad on a Facebook group, for instance, will be buried under hundreds of new posts in less than 1 hr. In fact to make a sale you have to spam several groups with your ads several times a day.

Unlike social media, where you cannot change the design or look of your page, you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to how your website should look.

With a website, you are in charge!

6. Grow Your Business

You desire to grow your business (reach out to new clients), right? Well, nothing comes close to the internet in terms of the ease of reaching new customers. Compared to traditional marketing like word of mouth, a website will expose you to thousands in the shortest time

Take an example of an author selling books in a local store and one who sells PDF copies via e-commerce site. Who will see you sell more and to a larger market? Yes, that’s how effective website is growing your business.

7. Save Money

Irrespective of the type of business website you intend to create, you will incur some start-up fee. However, having a website will save you money in the long run. Yes, the cost of starting and promoting a website is negligible in comparison to what you’d spend on traditional marketing.

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