Do I really need a website? A friend doing stand up comedian once asked me. As funny as this sounded, I knew his wasn’t an isolated question. Many people either believe they don’t need a website “now” or don’t see the¬†significance of website in their line of business.

Whichever describes you, I’m here to tell you that you need a website and you need it now.¬†

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Let’s look at 15 categories of people who’s job would be easier and more profitable with a website. Remember, these are just but a selected few, almost everyone offering products and or services is better of with a website/blog than without.

  1. Coffee Shop
  2. Farmer
  3. Event planner
  4. Tour Operator/Agency
  5. Copywriter/Freelancer
  6. Florist 
  7. Interior designer 
  8. Medic/Chemist/Pharmacist 
  9. Real Estate Agent
  10. Auto Repair/Mechanic 
  11. Author 
  12. Artist (painter, singer, comedian etc)
  13. Photographer
  14. Job Recruiter
  15. Cryptocurrency
  16. School (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary) 
  17. IT Services
  18. Insurance Agency 
  19. Carpenter 
  20. Electrician 
  21. Cleaning Company 
  22. Markup artist, kinyozi, saloon 
  23. Political candidate
  24. Nutritionist
  25. Football club 
  26. Gym trainer
  27. Non profits (charity, churches) 
  28. Laundry Services 
  29. Furniture store
  30. App Developer

And many more 

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